"Javorca - Resurrection"

Music/visual performance, 17. july 2016 at 21.00


»Javorca – Resurrection« is a musical-research project by the author Bratko Bibič, whose theme is based on the 1st World War as 'The great war', the crucial 'war to end all wars'..., specifically the Isonzo front and its south-eastern section around the Polog valley and the (memorial) church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca (the Tolminka river gorge). That is the starting point from which we are moving away – in time, space, events, themes..., but return back to it in questioning and answering the questions concerning the place war holds in the modern age.

The staging is set in the remote mountainous environment of the Tolmin hinterland, far away from civilisation, where a church stands to remind us and with its presence represents a symbolic echo of the invisible valley which inadvertently became a part of the infamous world history exactly one hundred years ago. The church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca is a memorial dedicated to the soldiers lost in the 1st World War, designed by the painter and scenographer from Vienna, Remigius Geyling, it was built by Austro-Hungarian soldiers in 1916.

Bratko Bibič invited various musicians and visual artists from Austria, Portugal, Serbia, and Slovenia to the project. Paul Schubert, Samo Kutin, Popržan Jelena, Ana Kravanja and Vid Drašler are the main actors in the musical part of the project, which will be complemented with local vocal group 'Javorca'. Scenic-visual works will be carried out: Eduardo Raon, Miroslav Sretenović aka Incredible Bob and Marko A. Kovačič.

Audio-visual performance "Javorca - Resurrection" will take place in the Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit - Javorca and broadcast live: online (on the website www.javorca.com), at Sotočje as the closing act of the 17th Creative Camp Sajeta and in the Center of Urban Culture Kino Šiška in Ljubljana and other organized screenings, which will be published soon. 


Links: www.sajeta.org

More about the project ECHOES from Invisible Landscapes / Odmevi iz nevidnih krajin na CED Slovenija.